‘I lost 39lb, felt fitter and re-energised after completing the 12 week programme, but more importantly for me I am now symptom free of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I had suffered with for many years and no longer take prescribed medication I was told would be lifelong’
Stuart, aged 45

‘Being a type 1 Diabetic I was unsure what impact the diet and exercise would have on me but I needn’t have worried. I lost over a stone in weight, 5’’ off my waist, 4’’ off my hips, 4’’ off my chest and dropped a dress size, I have much more energy and generally feel healthier. As regards my Diabetes the diet allows me more control over blood sugar levels resulting in less use of insulin and other medications. I would have liked more weight loss but understand now that this isn’t the main issue’
Alison, aged 47

‘I was seriously overweight with blood pressure that was almost off the scale and after collapsing while on holiday was told by my GP that I had to take control and change my lifestyle or I my life could be cut short. When I enrolled on the program I weighed 21 stone, had a waist measuring 48’’, stomach 51’’, chest 49’’, thighs of 27’’ and my BP was 160/107. 12 weeks later my weight is down to 18st 9lbs, waist is now 42’’, stomach 43’’, chest 44’’, thighs are 23’’ and my BP is 130/76, I am fitter, have more energy, am sleeping better and generally feel better in myself. This is just the beginning I am now determined to carry on this lifestyle change to hopefully prolong my life’
Graham, aged 54

‘The transformation program has changed my life. I weighed over 19st, suffered with chronic knee pain and due to severe stiffness had very limited movement in my upper body, especially my neck and shoulders something I believe is referred to as ‘stiff man syndrome’. I used to think I was a sure bet for knee replacements and Diabetes, I don’t anymore! I lost just short of 4st, knee pains disappeared with less stiffness in my joints resulting in increased range of movement, I can now turn my head from side to side without twisting my body for the first time in years. I have more energy and am more able to get on with everything else in life, thank you Health Transformers’
John, aged 52

‘Since adopting the diet I have dropped from a size 10 to 6/8 losing any excess body fat, asthma that had plagued me since childhood has completely gone, I no longer suffer with symptoms of IBS that I was diagnosed with in my twenties, my Eczema has cleared up and I feel totally re-energised’
Sheryl, aged 40

‘Enrolling on the program is the best thing I have ever done and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing. I am very proud of my achievements losing a total of 2st 8lb, 5.5’’ of my waist, 6’’ of my hips, 4’’ of my thighs and have improved my fitness levels no end. I look good in my clothes again which makes me feel better about myself giving me more self-confidence and I have more energy than I can ever remember, I see this now as a permanent lifestyle change’
Trudy, aged 48

‘I lost 13kg! The program was easy to follow and the diet is interesting and varied which allows lots to eat, my quality of life is much improved as I can now walk and cycle further without sweating too much and getting out of breath making everyday tasks that bit easier’
Steve, aged 52

‘My overall aim was not so much weight loss but to tone everything up and hopefully reduce my menopause symptoms and this I feel I achieved. I also have more energy and feel that I am walking in a more upright position which has improved my confidence’
Jo, aged 52

‘It wasn’t as much about losing the weight, although I lost just under a stone, it was more to get a better body shape and feel more confident in myself which I achieved 100%. The diet was easy to follow and I loved seeing the progress I made training with weights it was very rewarding. I am a lot fitter and feel better about myself boosting my confidence, I recommend the programme to everyone I meet. The only regret I have is not having photographic evidence as my body shape has changed so much’
Amy, aged 29

‘During my forties I started to experience pain and stiffness in my joints and aching muscles which gradually got worse to the point at which in my late forties it was seriously affecting my capacity to work. The only way I had of coping was by taking strong painkillers prescribed by my GP which left me feeling permanently tired and very low leading to a period of depression, things got so bad I thought I would have to finish working as a self-employed removal man and spend the rest of my life on incapacity benefits. Within weeks of adopting the diet my weight went from 12st 7lb down to 12st and I felt my symptoms easing so much so that I felt confident enough to cease taking painkillers for the first time in what like seemed like forever. I’ve continued with the lifestyle change and now weigh a consistent 11st 6lb but more importantly all the pain and stiffness has gone, my energy levels are high, I feel physically and mentally stronger and at 53 continue to work in removals which can be very physically demanding. Thanks to Andy I feel I’ve been given my life back.’
Chris, aged 53