Who is the programme aimed at?

The programme is aimed at anyone wishing to improve their health and wellbeing, lose weight, recover lost fitness levels or just generally improve their quality of life.

What support will I receive whilst on the programme?

Whilst on the programme you will have access to the community forum where you can post any issues that you encounter. You will receive support and advice from not only the Transformation Team, but also from other member of the club who can offer support, tips and share experiences and recipes, etc.


I have a food allergy/intolerance. Can I still do the programme?

Yes, the programme includes a list of permitted foods. Simply avoid those you are allergic/intolerant to.

Can I do the programme as a vegetarian/pescatarian/vegan?

The programme includes a list of permitted foods. Simply choose the food from the list that meet your dietary requirements. As the list excludes grains, the choice for vegetarians/vegans can be limited.


How many times a week will I need to work out?

Preferably 4 times a week: 3 weight/resistance sessions and 1 HIIT.

How long are the workouts in the programme?

The weight / resistance sessions last on average 30 minutes not including warm-up, cool-down and stretching. The HIIT session is on average 15-20 minutes not including warm-up and cool down.

What if I can’t perform certain exercises?

Each exercise in the programme has alternatives that are fully detailed and accompanied with instructional videos. Simply choose the best alternative for you.

Can I train from home and if so, what do I need?

Yes, you can train from home with bodyweight exercises and the use of a set of dumbbells. All bodyweight and dumbbell exercises are detailed.

Can I do the programme whilst doing my own training?

The programme is designed to work the whole body in brief, intense sessions, potentially creating greater metabolic benefits and utilising time efficiently. If you prefer to follow your own programme then we suggest working in a similar way to achieve the required results whilst strictly adhering to the diet.

I can’t exercise at the moment, will the program work without exercise?

The diet alone if adhered to, is proven to yield incredible health benefits and weight loss so is well worth adopting regardless. We suggest strictly adopting the diet and then add the exercise as and when you are able to do so to reap the full benefits of the programme.


I am pregnant/breastfeeding, can I do the plan?

Although we believe the diet is perfectly safe and will provide all the essential, healthy nutrition mums to be or breastfeeding mums require, the exercise could be a little challenging depending on what stage of pre/post pregnancy you’re at. The most important thing is the health of you and your baby and we recommend checking with a medical professional before embarking on the programme.