Based around health and designed to give your body and brain what it needs nutritionally to function optimally, natural and clean (unprocessed) as possible, free from grains, sugars, hydrogenated trans- fatty acids and additives.

It is high fat and low carbohydrate by nature not by design as cutting out mass produced man-made foodstuffs cuts out most carbohydrates except the ones nature provides, these being vegetables, a limited amount of fruits and nuts/seeds to a limited degree.

‘Real’ food is laden with natural fats essential to health such as meat, fish, eggs, nuts (oil), seeds (oil), full-fat dairy etc. Natural saturated fats are not detrimental and are indeed essential to optimal health.

Everything should be organic where possible and animal products at least free-range to limit or even eradicate as many commercial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones as possible, the healthier the animal the healthier and more nutritious its meat etc. Just as humans they should be fed their natural diet, cows should be fed on grass not grains as is common, raising the nutritional profile of their produce.

It’s a diet our ancestors probably consumed pre-farming and is based around the consumption of food nature provides us with and should be as close to its purest form as possible. It will help to decrease inflammation in the body and aid in alkalizing it, lower blood glucose, eliminate toxins and optimise nutrient availability.

Most of the participants of the program I implemented at Wolds Way to Health reported increased energy levels, clarity of mind and less restriction in movement.

Below is the list of ‘Permitted Foods’, healthy foods which will provide all the fuel, nutrients, vitamins and minerals the body requires in order to function optimally. I believe it is simple, straightforward and easy to follow, if it’s included on the list it’s allowed, if it’s not then it’s for good reason and should be avoided.

There should be no rules as to when or how foods should be eaten, they can be combined in any way as seen fit, eaten as and when an individual is hungry, not at certain times of the day, but only until they feel satiated and not uncomfortable.

Remember food should be viewed as fuel to be used as energy, the more active a person is the more hungry they should feel and consequently less active, less hungry. Once adapted to the diet take notice of your body’s requirements, if it needs ‘refuelling’ it will let you know.