About Health Transformers

Having successfully implemented a programme designed through personal experience which simplifies and offers a common sense approach to the often complicated world of both diet and exercise, which is proven to produce extraordinary results if adhered to, we now want to aid and support those individuals who wish to help themselves transform their health and wellbeing by taking the ‘Ultimate Transformation Program’ to a larger audience. Through the ‘Health Transformers’ club we wish to create a community of likeminded people that will help each other by sharing gained knowledge, experiences, offer advice and words of encouragement to successfully implement this ‘permanent’ lifestyle change and experience the health benefits and improvement in quality of life on offer.

Health Transformers programme can help reduce symptoms of chronic illness

Without health we have nothing.

Andy Cowling

Having suffered with ill-health and being diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease in my mid-forties, spending 18 months on a concoction of prescribed toxic medication which did little to address the issue or even ease the symptoms and frankly left me feeling depressed, I took it upon myself to find an alternative ‘better’ way to regain my health. After extensive research I dispensed with the drugs and embarked on a lifestyle change that incorporated a nutrient-dense diet designed to provide my body with everything it required to heal itself naturally and an exercise regime that I hoped would restore some muscle tone I had lost due to illness and stimulate the benefits of health that exercise can induce. This was so successful that I am now totally symptom free of a disease I was told would be a lifelong issue, am very rarely if ever ill, no longer suffer from seasonal allergies and at 53 I believe I am in the best physical shape of my life, even going on to become a bodybuilding champion at 51 years of age.

Health and fitness is now my passion and I have gone on, along with James, to implement a very successful transformation program based on the one I followed to restore my health, whereby every participant who adhered to it has seen dramatic results, re-invigorated energy levels, large amounts of weight loss and improved health markers, helping reverse symptoms of disease which has in turn significantly enhanced their quality of life.


Experience and Qualifications

  • Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training
  • Diploma in Exercise Referral
  • Level 4 Exercise & Nutrition for Diabetic & Obese Clients
  • 4 years as a Nutritionist