Chris dispenses with sleep apnea monitor after 15 years!

Chris Smith came to us as as he would admit, a grossly overweight type 2 diabetic, with high blood pressure, elevated levels of cholesterol and suffering with sleep apnea, having to be wired up to a machine every night to monitor his sleep patterns.
Having successfully completed the 12 week transformation program Chris lost 3 stone in weight, was able to half his medication for diabetes, after a consultation with his GP and ceased with his medication for high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol, as these were now deemed to be in the accepted range. So pleased was Chris with his initial results from the program he signed up for a further 12 weeks, to hopefully improve his health and fitness still further and possibly be able to dispense with all his prescribed medication, that kept his symptoms under control and he wasn’t disappointed.
On completion of his second 12 weeks he is now six stones lighter and has completely reversed his type 2 diabetes, so is no longer classed as a diabetic and is able to cease with his medication and after his annual review for sleep apnea, he has now been informed that he doesn’t need to monitor his sleep patterns at night. Chris says “it’s the best thing I have done, I may well have prolonged my life,I’ve certainly improved it, If I can do it anyone can”.
What a transformation! six stone down and counting, no longer classed as a diabetic, blood pressure and cholesterol now deemed to be in the ‘normal’ range and no longer required to monitor his sleep patterns. He is just another one of our amazing success stories, as we continue to help those who wish to help themselves reverse health issues and improve their quality of life.
Chris before the health transformation programme had sleep apneaAfter the programme, Chris no longer suffers from sleep apnea, has no type 2 diabetes, blood pressure in normal range and statin free