Making News Again!

We’ve made news yet again whilst helping to improve another lifestyle related illness of one of our members.

Julie Leng who suffers with fibromyalgia and joined Health Transformers having heard how we were helping people regain good health and subsequently improve their quality of life, initially just wanted to be able to walk up the stairs without suffering any pain and feeling physically exhausted but also hoped to improve the many symptoms she suffered with on a daily basis due to her condition.

After completing our 12 week programme and embracing the ‘lifestyle change’ that is necessary to achieve the desired outcome, she was more than pleased with the results and the positive impact it has had on her life which has given her renewed optimism going forward. We can now add fibromyalgia to our ever increasing list of ‘modern’ lifestyle related diseases we have successfully addressed with many of our members, resulting in an improvement to their quality of life which gives us great satisfaction as it is our mission to help those who wish to help themselves, the simple lifestyle changes that we advocate really can change lives. Read Julie’s full story in our blog/news on our site.