Andy loses nearly 16 kilos!

Andy Tharrat signed up to the health transformers programme having read about the many successes achieved by it’s members in his local press with the aim of loosing weight and hoping to get fitter in the process. Initially weighing in at almost 137 kilos he was by his own admission seriously overweight which was beginning to affect his health, he was lacking in energy and his mobility was becoming an issue. He struggled at first with the lifestyle change which is encouraged and is indeed necessary to achieve the desired results, especially the diet but persevered and on completion of the 12 weeks now weighs in at 121 kilos, just under 16 kilos less than when he started. As well as the weight loss he feels 100 per cent fitter, has much improved mobility, increased energy levels, which aids him at work and is more than pleased with his altered body composition and shape having noticeably built muscle on his shoulders and arms and decreased his waist circumference. He has achieved all his goals and more and now reports being ‘very happy with the results and would definitely recommend the program to others who are concerned about their health’, in fact Andy has signed up again for another 12 weeks to continue his new ‘way of life’ with the encouragement and motivation he says he needs from the team, we are more than willing and pleased to assist him as we see it as our ‘mission’ to help those people who wish to help themselves.