Fibromyalgia symptoms drastically improved

Julie Leng joined the health transformers club initially with the aim of just being able to walk up the stairs without suffering any pain and not feeling physically exhausted but also hoped to improve the many symptoms she suffered from on a daily basis due to her condition. Symptoms of Fibromyalgia can include increased sensitivity to pain, extreme tiredness, muscle stiffness, difficulty sleeping, problems with mental processes, memory and concentration, headaches and IBS which can lead to depression and anxiety issues, all of which Julie suffered from. After completing the 12 week programme and embracing the ‘lifestyle change’ that is necessary to achieve the required results, she now reports feeling the best she has in years which has in turn lifted her mood, improving symptoms of anxiety and depression and is now able to view the future with renewed optimism. Although not particularly overweight she shed just under 1 stone and over 10 inches from her body, most of which was excess body fat, her IBS symptoms have dissipated, energy levels have dramatically improved along with her overall fitness, strength and stamina, all of which has helped her regain lost confidence. She visits her GP less often and has reduced the amount of the numerous prescribed medications she had to take on a daily basis leading her to acknowledge ‘Health Transformers Club has changed my life and I would recommend the programme to anyone suffering with the same issues as myself, it’s made a huge difference to me and I’m sure it could for someone else’. This is just another of our many success stories proving once again that changing your lifestyle could just change your life and can improve or even reverse symptoms of many lifestyle related diseases.