Success Update


This is Trudy Berriman who initially enrolled on our 12 week Transformation programme almost 12 months ago in an effort to lose weight and improve her health. She described herself as a couch potato, “I was lazy, not very active, not fit, I lacked energy, didn’t eat very well and I avoided going out because I had no confidence”, she struggled with simple everyday tasks such as getting up and down the stairs, which left her breathless, as well as showing signs and symptoms of pre-diabetes. Initially she admitted to being “very nervous and out of my comfort zone” but having overcome her fears she embraced the programme with enthusiasm taking on board the advice and accepting support from the team to successfully complete the 12 weeks, achieving all the results she desired and much more. She lost 2 stone, her fitness dramatically improved witnessing not only a remarkable change physically but mentally as well, “I have more energy than I can ever remember and now can’t stay still, I can run up and down the stairs without getting out of breath, have so much more stamina, I get out on my bike, am much more confident and can literally do anything”. Trudy has continued with the change in ‘lifestyle’ that the programme encourages and has now lost a phenomenal 5 stone but the positive effect it has had on all facets of her life is immeasurable, “the transformation programme has definitely changed my life for the better, I am enjoying life again and intend to carry on with my new way of life, I ain’t never going back”. The before and after pictures show the unbelievable physical transformation Trudy has achieved and is evidence, if any were needed, that anyone can turn their life around if they are determined enough to improve their health, fitness and well-being.