Helping Transform Lives


The Health Transformation Club’s simple and easy to follow programme of diet and exercise, has helped 100’s of people transform their health and well-being and consequently improve their quality of life. We are making headlines in the health industry by advocating the implementation of a ‘back to basics’ common sense approach to the often complicated world of both health and fitness which has proven to produce extraordinary results if adhered to. ‘Give the body what it needs and it can heal itself’ is the basis on which the programme is built and it has proven to do just that time and again, check out ‘Andy’s story’ to get a full insight into how the programme and club were conceived and view the many testimonials from genuine members who have completed the programme and have transformed their lives. If you’re suffering from poor health either physical or mental (they are very often connected), are overweight, constantly feeling tired, seriously lacking motivation or would just like to improve your general fitness to improve your quality of life then sign up now and in just 12 weeks you could experience all the benefits this ‘lifestyle change’ has to offer.

yours in health Andy.